Embark on a culinary journey through india

Breath in the exotic aroma of Indian cuisine as Claypot takes you on a traditional journey through the rich, diverse and fascinating states of Northern India. Any tale is worth telling over great food, with live music and good company. Immerse your senses in this culinary experience that will keep you coming back for more.

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Opening Hours

Lunch:Sun - Sat, Noon -03:00pm Dinner:Sat-Wed 07:00pm-Midight,
    Thur - Fri 07:00pm - 01:00am

For reservations,
call 04 4078000 ext 1066

Experience Claypot

Experience Claypot

Claypot has a simple, contemporary design with an underlying Indian theme. Shades of Orange, red and brown colour the walls, paying homage to the rich spices found in Indian cuisine . To complement the ambience, Indian tapestries adorn the walls to add a personal touch.

To enhance your dining experience, our live band plays contemporary Bollywood music, classic tunes and also takes in your requests.



Ramadan in Dubai is beautiful. Sure, no clubs, no liquid refreshments, no music and a very ‘lying-low’ type of attitude for a month (or at least till sunset) – but that’s the beauty of it...

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What our guests are saying

  • Great Value, Great Location!

    Swati from Dubai

  • “A Decent place & reasonably priced Indian restaurant with Live music.”

    Vivek from Dubai

  • “Excellent Indian Food, Must Try: Paneer Tikka”

    Viju from India

  • “Simple delicious Indian food!”

    Sarah from Turkey